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Here's some feedback from Terrie's customers...

Micheline Helou, La Grande, Oregon:


"Working with Terrie Biggs was truly a wonderful experience.  I feel truly blessed to have come across such a compassionate and dedicated person, it doesn't happen very often.  This woman is a class act and absolutely knows wood work, no matter how big or small the project is, her dedication goes beyond the call of duty and produces amazing results.

If you are looking for someone beyond professional and produce amazing results, Terrie Biggs is the one you want on your project.

There is not a single person that enters our home that does not rave about our cabinetry, as far as we are concerned tere is nothing comparable.

Thank you, Terrie, for making our house the perfect home, and thank you for being the person you are!!!"

Doug Briney, La Grande, Oregon:


"If you're building a house and want well-designed, high quality cabinetry, I highly recommend Kitchens by Terrie. In each of the four houses I have built, I hired Terrie to design the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room cabinetry. Her knowledge and experience enable her to design very functional, beautiful spaces. Cabinets are one of the biggest investments you make when building a house, and working with Terrie ensures that you spend your money wisely."



Kim & Gloria Bowman, Summerville, Oregon:


"It was such a rewarding experience working with Terrie on the design and implementation of my new kitchen. 

We did a large addition to our home combining the kitchen with a great room so ability to picture how it should be laid out and giving me so much more storage than I had before, was a great load off my mind.

She was very patient with me during my changes of materials during the planning.  I think anyone that is thinking of remodeling or building a new home can benefit by using Terrie.  What a relief to have her expertise to rely on."

Joyce Houle, Pendleton, Oregon:


"Thank you, Terrie, for my gorgeous kitchen!  I had never been in charge of a remodel project before and I was very fearful.  The more I studied, the more I discovered what I did NOT  know.   It was evident to me that a professional kitchen designer could help me create a kitchen that was special.  Terrie sat down with me and designed a kitchen arrangement that reflected MY style and her knowledge of functionality.  Thankfully, she made the cabinet order out and followed up with shipping dates and charge orders.  The remodel went amazingly well and Terrie became a friend in the process."


Edith Lowe, Imbler, Oregon:


"It was such a pleasurable experience working with Terrie!  We poured over numerous photographs and ideas that I had collected over the years.  With her added professional input, we came up with the very kitchen I wanted!  My farmhouse was built circa 1900, so you can imagine what the old kitchen looked like…it was awful!  I wanted not only an updated kitchen, but all the charm that a country kitchen could offer.  I got it all!  My favorite spot in the whole kitchen is my apron-front farmhouse sink.  Terrie was able to find the perfect one at a very affordable price, and it always draws the admiration of all who visit!

From rustic to elegant, and everything in between, Terrie can design the kitchen you’ve always wanted."



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