Imagine your kitchen come to life in a realistic digital image! 

Using the latest computer design programs, Terrie is able to provide you realistic images in a portfolio and/or by email.  The likeness to the before and after are amazing.  The only surprise is that it will look even more beautiful when the job is finished!


Choose from an array of modern countertop surfaces and backsplashes.

Whether you like granite, composites, or laminate, Terrie can help you find it. She also has experts to install the counters to top off your beautiful, custom cabinets!

Cabinets for Every Room

Terrie can aslo design and provide cabinets for other parts of your home. Consider a brand new bathroom, library, bar, home office, entertainment center or any other area that might need cabinets and countertops!

Full Service

One-Stop Shopping

From start to finish, no matter what you need in remodeling or new construction, Terrie has a team of experts to do it all.  They remove the old cabinets, lay floors, install cabinets,  and counters. We can even build an addition or a new home.

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La Grande, OR


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